Thursday, 13 February 2014

More 'How to' make textile beads

The weather has been somewhat challenging lately. I find working with colour a good way to raise my spirits, so I have enjoyed making this necklace today. ( Now listed in my Folksy shop just click on the photo to take a closer look).

I am amore than a little behind with my how to make beads series - but I'm pretty sure that I took photos for at least one more type so I'll just check.....  found them!


Cylindrical Beads - based on a roll of felt

You will need:

- Small strips of felt - as wide as the finished bead - long enough to roll up to the desired diameter - try about 10 cm to begin with
- Matching thread
- paper craft straws
- double sided adhesive tape
- Usual sewing equipment - needle, pins etc.
- Fabric to cover the felt - if desired. I have photographed the process using an outer layer of an organza

Cut a strip of organza wide enough to wrap round a felt strip and long enough to completely cover the bead outer ( plus turning) - it is not necessary to cover the entire felt strip, much of which will be hidden in the centre of the roll.

Cut a short length of craft straw - shorter than the width of the felt strip so that it will not show - this will form the threading channel. Wrap the straw length in double sided adhesive tape. Place on the reverse side of the felt (ie folded in edges of organza on top) and place the straw near the edge of the un-covered end. 

Roll the felt tightly around the straw and secure with a pin through the fabric only!

Using the matching thread oversew the edges to secure the bead.

These are destined to be embroidered in gold thread.


Endless variations are possible. So far, I have used silk in place of the organza, used torn fabric strips (these don't need folding under - complete the bead using felt only and then wrap in the fabric and stitch to secure), ribbon - plain (to be embroidered) or patterned - again, make the bead first then cover. 

Most of all Have Fun!