Monday, 2 November 2015

Threads for inspiration

I love the colours of these threads which I have loosely grouped in pairs - each pair having an intense version and a paler version of a similar shade.

They are grouped together, on my favourite cane chair in our conservatory - the chair being covered by three of my favourite vintage cloths, each edged with a lovely hand-crocheted lace - inspiration indeed!!

I thought something simple in shape and vaguely retro in design would be in keeping with these colours. I added some felt and some flocked furnishing fabric to my collection of materials:

I cut my favourite pouch-shaped purse pieces, including this time a flap lining, from the fabric. The felt was cut into bookmark panels and the corners rounded to make blanket stitching easier.

I began with some purses - two with a rose motif and two with roses:

Stitching the purses was a little wearing on my fingers so I moved on to the softer felt of the bookmarks. I began with the daisy motif and liked the result so much I decided to use this for all the bookmarks:

Having added matching ribbon tails these first six have been completed: