Friday, 24 September 2010

Oak Inspiration - Folksy Friday No. 23

The weather man said that we were about to return to summer this week. Not here in North Wales at least. Plenty of sunshine - until today, but the garden has all the looks and smells of autumn.

Inspired by the natural harvest I have enjoyed stitching these two brooches of scenes beneath the oak tree:

I wondered whether searching for 'oak' on Folksy would reveal enough treasures for my Folksy Friday. Silly me! Inspired by the bark, the leaf, the fruit... we have stitched, produced ceramics, jewellery, felt.... Not to forget the obvious - the beautiful use of the timber itself. The jewellery box from Tree Gems is exactly the item which I should like to treasure in the timber-framed house which I should love to own!

Tree Gems Z M Felt
The Whimsical Wren WithaKayDesigns
Granny Ruth's Emlett Arts & Crafts
Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics Leanne Woods Design

Tree Gems

Z M Felt

The Whimsical Wren

WithaKay Designs

Granny Ruth's

Emlett Arts and Crafts

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Leanne Woods Design

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumn Fungi

Images collected at Delamere Forest a few weeks ago.

I still can't find the photo of Fly Agaric, which is a shame, since - with a little artistic license, it gave rise to this:


I have just completed this second oak tree in autumn brooch:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Whilst enjoying a late lunch..

.... in yesterday's sunshine, I spotted this tiny butterfly on some michaelmas daisies. Anyone know what he is please? The flowers are only about 4 cm diameter and this little chap is really tiny


I have just listed the first of some new small purses in my Folksy shop. They have something of an identity crisis since they can be used as a purse or wallet, as a gift card wallet or used as a tag (perhaps with the inclusion of a small gift or voucher) and then find lasting use as a card purse.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Autumn/Winter Collection

I have created a new page as a showcase for hand-crafted seasonal items from Lynwoodcrafts. Twelve items are featured  - hopefully the page will load quickly! The page will be updated as new additions to my Folksy shop take their turn.

Click on any image to view the item on its 'Folksy shelf'. Once there, why not have a quick wander to see what else is new!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Catching up!

Oh my Goodness! Its been ages since my last post! Thank you everyone for your kind words re my scarf photos. I hadn't intended to leave them on the home page for so long - it must have appeared that I was demanding attention for them - my apologies!

We have been busy. Back to school/sixth form/Brownies/Wind band/Music lessons..... I am always as tired  as the kids when a new academic year starts. All the driving/cheque writing/date booking can be almost too much - financially as well as in terms of time! Hopefully things have settled down a little now - although my two seem busier than ever.

My thanks to Just Do for the lovely surprise of a blog award - more about this in a later post - I want to give my reply some consideration!

The scarves, with one or two others will soon appear in a new gallery section, and grouped in a new 'seasonal' page - where I hope they will be more accessible.

I compiled several groups of photos for my 'inspiration archive' meaning to share them with you. Here is the first:

Monday, 6 September 2010

New Scarves for Lynwoodcrafts

There are some beautiful scarves on Folksy at present - many of which I'd be proud to own. In an attempt to make mine a little different, I am concentrating on two themes:

- Knitted flowers and leaves - linked together to form the body of the scarf.
- Simply knitted scarves, in lovely yarns, with knitted borders, embellished with embroidery or flowers.

I hope you like them!


Friday, 3 September 2010

Mountain Views - Folksy Friday No.22

Continuing the mountain theme of my last post I thought I would share these with you. Click on any image to view the item in its Folksy shop.

Gelert Design Always Picture Perfect
sooziebee Crafty Monkeys Pottery
AmyOrangeJuice Eyes Like Flowers

Gelert Design

Always Picture Perfect


Crafty Monkeys Pottery


Eyes Like Flowers