Wednesday, 22 July 2015

County Durham - Barnard Castle

I am just back from a lovely ten days staying at a campsite at Barnard Castle, which proved to be an excellent spot from which to have many lovely days out - mainly wearing walking boots and carrying cameras. There was so much inspiration for so many stitcheries. The next few posts will be an attempt to share these with you. Jotted down somewhat quickly, I don't intend to agonise too much of the wording of these posts or there will be no stitching time left!

The very pretty little town sits on a hilltop behind its ruined castle and spills down the hillside to the river crossing. Sitting slightly below the top of the hill, the huge castle is almost invisible from the main street, being 'hidden' behind the modest proportions of the Methodist Church. For us, there were two particularly notable shops - Wool Mouse (from which I purchased a hank of locally dyed wool and silk blend fine yarn in a lovely heather shade), and a fantastic proper 'old fashioned', in the best sense, hardware shop where we resisted the inevitable " for' 'andles " comment and marvelled at the enormous range of their stock whilst buying a fuel can. (Motorhome fuel gauge/range calculater being hugely optimistic up to the last gallon where both suddenly plumet to near zero - the only fuel station being at the top of the hill, the campsite being at the bottom .......... )

We walked to the town centre through a beautiful, largely un-managed woodland from the campsite. This photo doesn't do it justice

The first view of the castle is from a foot bridge crossing the river

Having crossed to the castle we emerged into the town centre at the top of Bank Street and popped back down to get some images - I always wish I could vanish the vehicles and street furniture but these shots will give me something to stitch from:

Between us we managed not to keep a shot of the market hall - unless its on my son's phone - I'll ask when he gets back from cycling. Meanwhile, I'm off to try some stitch sketches.

Here is a stitched sketch of Barnard Castle ( now listed at Folksy - click the image for details)