Saturday, 18 September 2010

Catching up!

Oh my Goodness! Its been ages since my last post! Thank you everyone for your kind words re my scarf photos. I hadn't intended to leave them on the home page for so long - it must have appeared that I was demanding attention for them - my apologies!

We have been busy. Back to school/sixth form/Brownies/Wind band/Music lessons..... I am always as tired  as the kids when a new academic year starts. All the driving/cheque writing/date booking can be almost too much - financially as well as in terms of time! Hopefully things have settled down a little now - although my two seem busier than ever.

My thanks to Just Do for the lovely surprise of a blog award - more about this in a later post - I want to give my reply some consideration!

The scarves, with one or two others will soon appear in a new gallery section, and grouped in a new 'seasonal' page - where I hope they will be more accessible.

I compiled several groups of photos for my 'inspiration archive' meaning to share them with you. Here is the first:

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