Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lovely lichen

The snow seemed to be melting, and although quite chilly, I thought today was warmer than of late. Having finished stitching a brooch and checked that tomorrows school uniform etc is ready, I suggested a walk. 13  year old was glued to the i-player and couldn't be parted from it, but 17 year old seemed glad of the fresh air and I hoped he would then study more effectively on his return. We walked further than I had intended, son took some photos ( four of which are below) and he did turn straight to his studies on return. Particle physics was proving a bit of a struggle yesterday - for both of us! - so I suggested a quick whizz through simple circuits and electrical theory to maximise the marks he might collect in this simpler unit. Unfortunately, he is now in a state about the difference between 'potential difference' and 'emf'. I can't see his problem and have exhausted all two explanations which I could muster - and then run out of patience. He doesn't get my explanations, knowing they are both measured in Volts he sees them as identical, thinks I'm making it all up and has now given up and returned to a computer game!!!! Time he learnt to listen in class without the partial filters of 'is this essential?' and 'can I be bothered?'. Teenagers!!!!!! It was a nice walk though!

My son knows he had got into my good books for that second lichen photo which I shall add to my inspirations/reference folder. I just wish he would work at his studies!

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