Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Early Stages - a Work in Progress

Actually the very early stages, of my next piece of textile art. I took this photo this morning and have made a lot of progress since then. I almost hesitate to show you this in case you should think that there is little hope of it turning out 'OK'. I have had the benefit of seeing the next few stages though!

A larger scale hanging (a little bigger than 'A4'). I wanted to move away from felting the background since I wanted to try something with a 'chunkier' scale. I decided to weave the vegetation/hedge/lower portion of the hanging using a mixture of yarns and some fabric strips. This piece was then turned through  90 degrees, and a crocheted 'net' was added in a yarn shading through grays and sky blues - the crochet being worked into the edge of the weaving. At this point I had not attempted to neaten the weaving at all - having decided to use the ends as leaves. Trying to work out how to put some more solid colour into the sky, and wanting to do more than place a sky-coloured fabric behind it, I realised that the crocheted net would lend itself to more weaving. The photo shows a partially finished 'sky' with fabric strips being threaded through the crochet:

More tomorrow - it will look better - really!!!!

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