Saturday, 17 June 2017

What is it about knitting ......

..... that compels me to put other work on one side and find a pair of needles some yarn and an excuse for a project?

Perhaps its the 'clickety rhythm' of the textile production, the textural possibilities, the feel of the yarn - probably all of these. I crochet and weave, and enjoy both, but seldom get the same 'need' to get started. I have knitted since I was a child and I don't think I've done my hands much good - they certainly feel a little stiff and creaky now but I still enjoy knitting.

Whilst on holiday a week or so ago, a lady on our campsite, a few pitches along from ours, was knitting. The yarn was a deep coral pink and there seemed to be a little mountain of it. The needles carried many stitches and I imagine she was making a garment. She came out in the early morning with a canvas chair, a small table a mug (tea?) settled down in the sun and clicked away (I'm sure I couldn't physically hear the sound but my mind was very aware of it). I had crochet with me - I had been enjoying it and now all I wanted was some knitting.

On our return I had numerous projects to finish but none requiring knitting needles. I looked at my shop inventory. Stocks of daisy brooches (sometimes knitted) and bookmarks (previously never knitted) were a little low. The excuse I needed!

Some bookmark strips and these 'brooch-beginnings':

The bookmarks are still work in progress but this is the batch of brooches:

I am all 'knitted out' for the moment. I must be more disciplined! I have many other items to complete and stock to replace - why do I have a resistance to replacing items which have sold and a preference for trying something new? Not a very commercially successful attitude! I just love what I do so I'm very lucky - if not very rich!

18 June

The first three of these brooches have been listed in Lynwoodcrafts' Folksy shop.

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