Monday, 10 July 2017

Sutton on Sea and beyond

Our campsite, for two nights, was at Mablethorpe. We preferred the adjoining, and very much quieter, Sutton on Sea - a seaside village which also serves the local community - with a lovely wool shop ( I bought some green crochet thread) and an excellent hardware shop (from which I bought a sachet of red fabric dye). We also enjoyed a potter around an extremely heavily stocked antique shop. It was a little difficult to view all the items but I bought a length of hand-made lace.

We are accustomed to the Welsh coast with all its features, both on the coastline itself and a little in-land - but still visible from the beach. The complete 'flatness' of the Lincolnshire coast, the very necessary sea defences obscuring any glimpse of any inland features which there might have been, created views which were beautiful for the scale of open sea and sand.


I have been busy felting and stitching some keyrings from upcycled fabric for LynwoodcraftsRecycled. This is the first to be listed:

This little camper van will be completed shortly:


My daughter and her boyfriend visited us last weekend. They brought me some beautiful flowers and I recorded them for future stitching inspiration:


My final post from our Lincolnshire meander will be Boston and Spalding.


PS I have now finished the campervan keyring:

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