Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ynys Mon

A beautiful week-end and, with both kids busy doing Scouting things, with a bit of careful time management, we managed to indulge ourselves in some time along the North Wales coast.

Firstly, I have some apologies. It is ages since I have blogged, and then only Folksy Fridays, for the last few weeks. I have been offered a new blog award, which I am thrilled about - but I musn't accept until I have time to do so properly and pass it on correctly. I shall endeavour to do so before the end of the week. Sorry to seem so rude!

Why so busy? Both children have been extra busy over the last two weeks - 16 year old especially. He has been heavily involved in extra activities at school, and at home - Scouts-wise. He hasn't even managed to cycle for weeks! A lot of driving about has been required etc. Craft-wise I have been trying to list daily. Yesterday was entirely swallowed up by trying to get to grips with Facebook. No idea why I picked yesterday, but as it turned out, Folksy launched its Facebook Shop App., yesterday  so it was quite exciting (and for me - quite challenging!). I got there in the end - please pop over and leave a message Lynwoodcrafts.

So now to Ynys Mon. We dropped daughter and her Scouting friend at Bethesda for their expedition challenge and drove on to Anglesey via 'the new bridge'. Stopped at a lovely view point, overlooking the Meani Stratights for a cup of tea, then down to Menai Bridge. We couldn't find anywhere to park the van so continued to Beaumaris. Managed to find one car park - but we didn't fit in the spaces and it seemed 'a little windy'. Although set back from the sea, we were rocking violently and drenched in salt spray. We gave up and moved on to Benllech. Fortunately, we spotted a parking opportunity up on the main road and walked down to the 'beach'. Glad we didn't drive down, see below.

Apparently the result of strong wind coinciding with high tide - away from the sea front it really was a lovely day. The sun was strong and 13 year old managed to get sun burnt again, as we discovered the next day.

We moved on towards Amlwch and Paris Mountain - more tomorrow!


I had been concerned that I was not offering gift boxes or bags for my brooches. I think that these gift purses are a great solution. They could also be used for a gift card ( or even old-fashioned bank note). Carefully stitched, but with minimal embellishment, they are offered at low prices. I believe in FairTrade, so I have carefully timed my stitching. Produced as a small batch, I can just manage the minimum wage, whilst recovering my fabric costs - which I hope satisfies everyone's requirements. I hope you like them!



  1. I am so glad I read your post! I was just about to open a Facebook shop with another app and now I have the Folksy one instead!
    Thank you
    PS I love North Wales, We visit as much as we can and always holiday there!

  2. Woo, those waves! Wouldn't like to have been in the car!

    I like your little pouches - a lovely way to package up your brooches :-)

    Sam x

  3. Wow! That blew the cobwebs away. Seriously impressed with your grasp of the technology.