Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Everything seems to be taking a little longer than usual due to the weather. We are fortunate not to have cancelled anything yet, but we are having to fit in lots of extra little jobs. I've set the kitchen timer to remind me to change the water for the birds. I forgot yesterday and a very sorrowful robin was trying to peck at the drips which were landing from our de-frosting van.

Whilst waiting for the cars to defrost on Monday OH took some of these photos. I thought there might be some urgency before thawing robbed us of the photos. Needn't have worried - it stayed like that all day and I was able to take some more:

It seems that every view from our house windows is crossed by incoming services. However, the views are pretty, if you ignore the power lines etc.

Just in case we should ever wish to sell our house - I should point out these photos were taken from first floor windows. We do actually have some lovely views and the power lines are not so prominent from ground level!


I have just listed this Icy Lake Brooch (loosley based on a frozen Derwent Water a few years ago):


  1. Beautiful photos! You must live in the middle of no-where to get that amount of frost!

  2. Not really the middle of nowhere but we have open fields in front and behind, and we're on a slight ridge - so quite exposed!

  3. I'll swap your house and power lines any day of the week, love the brooch. Kx

  4. stunning photos Sue! love the web one especially :)
    Beautiful brooch, such amazing detailing you are so talented.
    Helen x