Thursday, 16 December 2010

"Micro - Business"

.. a term I favour to describe Lynwoodcrafts. I am hoping that, one day, it will be elevated to the dizzy heights of 'small business' but, for the moment, this will do nicely.

I haven't any pretty photos to show you today. This short blog is more a reflection on the Christmas trading period (so far - not quite over yet!). I have been amazed and flattered by the number of sales Lynwoodcrafts' Folksy shop has had over the last few weeks. People who have 'favourited' items really have been popping back to buy them. In one case, a scarf sold, a few hours later someone enquired if I could make another, then a few days later  someone else who had marked it asked if there was any chance of yet another. Sadly the design depended on using a particular yarn and I only had enough to accept one of the orders!

I still have much to do and much more to learn, but Lynwoodcrafts is now generating a small profit.  During the coming year I will be working harder at on-line sales and investigating opportunities for 'real world' sales - locally at first. At this time of year we often find ourselves chatting to new people over mince pies or a glass or two of wine. After the weather, an enquiry about the other person's occupation seems to be the most frequent topic of conversation between previously complete strangers. During the last year I have been a little vague - saying that I have been exploring the possibility of an on-line craft business. This year I shall be proud to say, when asked, that

' I have a micro business specialising in hand- embroidered accessories!'

Thank you to all my customers and supporters who have made this possible!


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  1. Well done to you Sue! Yep micro business sounds fine to me ( at the rate your children have expensive hobbies you will be working very hard!) Good luck for 2011.