Sunday, 13 March 2011

Canals, Cranes and Crafts

A lovely week-end spent pottering in and around the lovely Shropshire market town of Ellesmere.

Only about ten miles from home it might seem a bit daft to visit a campsite for two nights. Our trips may seem a little eccentric to some folks - but each to their own. We had a great time, until this morning when last night's rain having softened the ground, rendered us immobile until we enlisted the help of JCB to give us a tow!!!

Both kids were away doing Scouts things and we didn't think we should go far in case one of them fell out of a tree, or similar - both a bit accident prone. Actually they seem OK - apart from a scorched left eyebrow for daughter, having sat too close to the camp fire!

We installed ourselves on the campsite on Friday evening and on Saturday morning set off in walking boots for the town centre and craft fair.

I bought a lovely basket, made by someone we know, at the fair. Visited a craft gallery, bought some felt for Brownies and lace and tapestry wool for me and took quite a few photos. a few more words and some photos throughout this week.

Whilst there I stitched a brooch featuring clover. One of the photos has been taken as a reference for a new series of embroideries - more details later.

Not having to drive home, both evenings were spent cooking good food and enjoying a glass or two of wine. All this and the diesel hardly cost us anything!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect break to me..apart from the getting stuck bit! Will look forward to the photos.