Sunday, 3 April 2011


A few weeks ago we spent a lovely week end camping at Ellesmere. I came back with quite a few photos to show you, intending to write several blogs over the following days. I have certainly been busy, but most of the delay has been due to my reluctance to use Picasa. It now seems to be the only way to post photos, not otherwise stored on Flickr etc to my blog and I find it cumbersome and time-consuming. I guess Google are trying to force business their way but, in my case at least, it has resulted in fewer posts/reduced use of Google programs.

Moan over! I have got round to up-loading some pics. Ellesmere is a market town with the benefit of a canal and a beautiful mere. I always find canal-side walks relaxing and fascinating. Many stretches of canal  are beautiful but they are, of course, an industrial relic, now adapted, in many cases, to the leisure industry.

This photo is not of the best quality. I have not done any research but the low building (central to the photo) resembles many old dairies locally. Much of the rest of the site is now used as a builder's yard. Another structure, set a little behind the building on the right, has been some sort of warehouse, with a typical lifting block structure over three floors of warehouse doors. The low building now provides facilities for canal users.

The building I am describing as a 'warehouse' is behind the crane in this shot.

My husband took these photos. Conscious not to appear too intrusive, both these boats were occupied, they are somewhat distant and the features I wanted to show you are not apparent. Most of the boats on this stretch, had flues for log burners, with log store neatly stacked. They also had solar panels, mounted so as to be tilted to either side, according to the orientation of boat/canal/sun ( it is somewhat easier on a static house!), and wind turbines - mounted so as to be able to fold them flat along the roof of the boat. Brilliant! They just needed a horse to completely break their reliance on diesel. The next boat along the tow path nearly choked us with fumes as it ran its motors - presumably to charge batteries!

More of Ellesmere later this week!


  1. I love Ellesmere, you've reminded me that I keep intending to visit so perhaps I'll manage to spend a day there over Easter. I love walking along the lake and well as the canal, and there's a good pub for lunch there as well.

    I love the canal boats too, former neighbours of ours sold up and went to live on one and we had a good look round theirs. It's an interesting lifestyle, and much cheaper than buying/running a house!

    I look forward to the next installment!

  2. It looks a lovely place,i dont think ive been there.
    jean x

  3. Lovely photos! We had a narrow boat 2 years ago on that stretch and had a right laugh turning the boat round at the end where someone had parked right at the end in the way!I bought some gorgeous purpleish lilac sock yarn from a boat lady who was selling yarn and hand knits from her narrowboat. Didn't see her did you?
    I would love to live on a narrow boat. We are hiring one again in May near Devizes.

  4. Hi Millie - I didn't see her this time but we did last time - just round the corner from these buildings - I think she had some beadwork and dreamcatchers too. I love the craft associated with the boats. Someone I knew in a local craft association did 'barge ware painting'. Many of the circular windows have 'doily style' crochet curtains and crochet cafe style ones on the bigger windows.

  5. Oh yes, I remember seeing those pretty crochet net curtains!