Tuesday, 20 September 2011

That Time of Year Again!

'Dad will you get my sax and art portfolio from the sitting room please?'

'Why can't you get them yourself L-----?'

'I'm not going back in there!!!!!!'

Usually this happens to us most frequently in October, but as with many seasonal events it seems to be creeping a little earlier each year. The problem is it is nice and warm today so it was moving very quickly -  up to the point where it fell off the wall and plopped very audibly onto a bag of magazines. In our experience those which are large enough to make noises - either bodily as thy fall, or absolute horror (and my toes are curled up as I type!), have large enough feet to make a scraping noise on a pelmet, or in an attempt to make an escape from a water glass in the bathroom - are definitely best avoided.

Now I am in the house on my own, I have a real problem. My work is in the conservatory - accessed by the sitting room??

I have tried to tell myself that we share our home with many - mostly remaining unseen and just because we know this one is there - somewhere, it won't be the only one and we usually carry on inspite of this knowledge. Its not working terribly well so far.

Those of you who share our seasonal anxieties don't need me to put a name to this creature. Suffice it to say that the conkers which have been gathered for tonight's Brownies' meeting may find other purposes in the meantime. Yes, I am a scientist by training, and yes I am not aware of any evidence as to the efficacy of this remedy - the fear is somewhat irrational and I fear it needs an irrational solution. Wish me luck!!


  1. Yes Sue, you are definitely an arachnophobe but not sure that the chestnuts are enough to deter these dreaded creatures with whom we share our homes. Have you tried hypnotherapy, for you I mean, not them?

  2. Hi Pat - I am slowly getting better. I can tolerate much larger ones now - OK up to about 2 inches - as long as they don't move too quickly. This one is much larger and way too fast.

  3. Big enough to hear their feet? lol, what are you like? Poor old spiders! Make some cobweb brooches to desensitise yourself, they really are amazing creatures! xx

  4. Hi Amy - I've managed to stitch a purse - but have a sore neck from constantly twisting round to check the wall behind me. Its the sort with big bodies so you can see their mouth parts and thick angular legs that I don't like and if they move quickly too.......

  5. OMG! Hate the ones that are big enough to make a noise....chills down my spine as we speak lol. Ps found you on Folksy x

  6. My worst nightmare too. My daughter and I were home alone a couple of weeeks ago and we had to remove unwelcome visitor from the spare room as we were sorting my daughters stuff for her move, so couldn't just evacuate. Eek lots of screaming and running until we finally managed to catch it with the humane catcher - then I threw it out of the window 3 storeys up LOL. Don't know if he survived the fall xx