Thursday, 15 September 2011

To everything there is a season...

...a time to every purpose under the heavens.....

I love to look at embroidery in historical collections. The fine Elizabethan collection at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire is probably my favourite. Produced by the ladies of the house as ornament for textiles and soft furnishing, often using gold thread, the pieces are finely detailed. I have found myself thinking that I am pleased to have the benefit of daylight in our conservatory, daylight bulbs in task lighting, the internet and a library of books for research...... So many 'benefits' of modern living enable my participation in craft work.

I am overlooking the most obvious benefit of the time in which I live. Had I been living in Elizabethan times, or even Victorian times, I would have been conducting my tasks by candle-light, certainly. I live in a small village. There were once many large country houses in the surrounding area. If as my great grandparents, I had been in service at one of these it is possible that my needlework skills may have found some use in helping the housekeeper with mending tasks. If, however, I had other work, and perhaps a family to care for, I would have been repairing hand-me-down clothes and trying to get a few more months of life out of near thread-bare items.

I love rag rugs. I am too busy really, and although I have a number of vague project plans, I have yet to start them. I found myself thinking  - if only I lived 100 or so years ago I would be almost expected to make rag rugs, rather than having to justify the time!

I am lucky indeed that my '..time to be born..' has placed me into a society in which access to education, transport, materials and 'leisure time' ( although now employed in my business - my needlework skills were acquired as 'hobbies) has enabled me to indulge my creative interests - hard work though a small craft business is!

A short post today - I have a camel without ears and need to do a little research!!!

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