Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bodnant - Beautiful Blocks of Colour

I have spent several weeks having a clear-out and planning 'home improvements' however small they may turn out to be! The process is by no means finished, although the conservatory and my craft room (AKA our spare, and smallest, bedroom) are now tidy and free of un-wanted stuff. Both need decorating but will have to wait until the rest of the house is similarly sorted through and then they can take their place in the 'schedule of works' - yet to be drawn up. In the meantime, I shall continue with several craft projects aimed at low cost ( in materials at least) injections of practicality and personality ( some may say a new generation of clutter - but I shall keep them to a minimum) into these two rooms at least. 

A much needed weekend break gave us the opportunity to visit Bodnant Gardens. The peculiarly cold spring has upset the flowering times for many of our gardens. This may have been in our favour, since the azaleas and rhododendrons were still in full flower and gave exactly the views I had hoped to see. I have yet to edit the majority of the (150 - thank goodness for digital photography) photos which we collected. 

Just to get started I thought I would show you a few blocks of beautiful colour and texture - panoramic views of the gardens to follow in a later post.

Beautiful inspiration for stitching!

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