Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Craft Room Storage

There are several reasons for making items for my home. A genuine wish to recycle to reduce waste, a wish to have something which looks good (to me at least) in its place and economy are among these reasons. I suppose all three apply to my efforts to improve a collection of shoe boxes by covering them with wrapping paper. Many of the boxes had been in use for some years - storing tapestry wools etc, They had displayed their original brands and contents until last week. They are sturdy, fit neatly on the shelves, amidst books and other storage tins and boxes, and were free. The paper was inexpensive and I had several part rolls of double-sided adhesive tape. So here are two of them:

Here they are with the others on their shelves ( I'm not happy enough with the rest of the room to show you just how small the space is yet!)

The only problem I now have is remembering what is stored in each - I just used to reach for 'last winter's boots' etc!

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