Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My work table - bookmarks in production!

There are several gaps in my stocks now. These two bookmarks will fill two of them - felted and embroidered, they just need their ribbon tails.

The bookmarks are part of my recycling philosophy. The backing felt into which I felt with my embellisher machine, is produced from recycled plastic bottles. Quite apart from a wish to use such materials as much as possible, I have tried using wool felt and I do not find it as effective. It tends to stretch very easily and this is particularly noticeable when the edges of the work piece become 'wavy'.

My threads and wools are grouped on the mat produced on my peg loom (see post from a few days ago). My plant pot pincushion is an aerosol spray lid, covered in felt, packed tightly with polyester wadding over which is stretched recycled T-shirt fabric, with crocheted daisies and ladybird button added for fun! It stands well and the pins cannot penetrate the base.

Perhaps the most important item in the photo is my snippets jar. As I stitch, particularly the garden designs which have a high density of embroidery, the yarn and thread snippets are placed in the pot. These, in their turn will provide the felted meadows and harvest scenes of future items.

Bookmarks to be listed shortly!

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