Monday, 2 December 2013

Work Baskets - from recycled materials

This was my first attempt at making a 'project' basket. It would no longer be an option in Wales, where, quite rightly, we are not provided with unnecessary carrier bags. This also precedes the days of biodegradable carrier bags which would, I fear, give an affect something like mouse or beetle damage might to other materials!! Anyway, this one has been much used. Carrier bags cut in a 'continuous spiral', wound into a ball and crocheted, using a 'slightly too small' hook to give a close texture. Work a circular base to the desired size, then stop increasing ( as is necessary to produce a flat circle) and, instead, continue on the same number of stitches to make the basket sides. Crocheted string provides the handles - the plastic may not have been strong enough. This one remains unlined. Pictured with a throw in progress - bright colours I thought I might use for the garden or camping - hexagonal patches in a 'cotton effect' yarn.

This one was my second - reclaimed red T-shirts this time (and kids pyjamas I think). Lined with a curtain fabric - hem a length which measures from the rim to the center of the base (plus turnings) and long enough to go round the basket rim (plus seem allowance). Stitch the 'side' seam to make a cylinder. Gather the unfinished edge tightly to make the center of the lining base. Slip stitch the neatened top edge to the inside of the basket. Long handles are made from plaited lengths of 'T-shirt' yarn. Pictured with more processed 'T-shirt yarn' awaiting a project:

This blue version is very similar to the red one. In this case 'T-shirt yarn' is combined with some rounds of torn, recycled shirt fabric in blue shades. The handles for this one are some recycled webbing - but I can't remember their original purpose!

Pictured with the collection of yarns used for the felted light house design accessories - bookmarks, pincushions etc, which I listed in the summer.

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