Friday, 3 October 2014

Not a Patch ......

...... on my plan for today!! (Apart from some further additions to my crocheted blanket!)

I have a stitching schedule and I'm trying to stick to it! I have been quite good. Some new bookmarks were listed as planned and I am continuing to crochet squares for my next blanket.

This morning I was feeling a little sorry for myself after a trip to the dentist. I had some phone calls I should make but no one would have been able to understand my half-frozen speech and I just felt like spoiling myself with some creative fabric therapy! In truth, my dental discomfort only persisted for a very short time, but I recovered TOO LATE!! The fabric boxes and drawers were open and chaos had ensued - happily!

I think I showed you this photo a few days ago.

The central 'patch' is from a tray cloth and the other patches from a tablecloth. Very, very similar stitching, design and colours. I am not sure if there is a correct way to design a patchwork. This is the way I'm going about it - this time at least!

I have expanded the design by moving the 'North', 'South', 'East' and 'West' patches outwards by one column/row. I now have a basic design of 5x5 patches, as shown on this rough outline:

The patches with a yellow squiggle need to be stitched from scratch and I intend to incorporate a small central motif, with embroidered blue daisies stitched to match, in each (OOps! I ought to have highlighted the four corners of the design which also need to be embroidered by me).

The central patch will be used as it is but with a border of simple squares, patched by machine stitching. It will be about 10 inches square when finished, so this has set the dimensions for the rest of the quilt.

The patches which have been moved outwards in the design will incorporate the embroidery as a 'diamond' shape. They will be made into squares with the addition of corner triangles, and the patch will then be made up to 10 inches with a squared border.

The patches which will be embroidered by me will be hand-stitched using the traditional technique of folding fabric over paper templates, using traditional block patterns. I have started to collect together the fabrics which I might use - including these vintage Laura Ashley scraps:

These other fabrics are also possibilities:

I am aiming to produce a decorative coverlet or throw. The vintage embroidered panels will be supported by backing fabric and the stitching will be carefully checked and repaired if necessary - but they will, inevitably, be more delicate than new panels. Rather than quilt through a thick wool or polyester batting to produce a warm quilt, I think I shall provide 'body' for the throw by backing it with a layer of brushed flanelette sheeting.

I shall report on progress - although it will now be slotted in between other items on my schedule - I'm beginning to feel as though I'm playing truant. 'Creating' and 'Producing' are definitely not entirely the same thing I find!

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