Sunday, 24 April 2016

How to Make - A simple Heart Motif Bookmark

This is the first in a series of blog posts showing how to make items from new 'inspiration packs' to be listed in Lynwoodcrafts shops. This post shows you how to make this simple but effective bookmark.

This pack features blue-toned fabrics and felt. Packs are available in a variety of colour themes. From the pack the following materials are needed for this bookmark. Felt, three printed fabrics, narrow ribbon, interfacing, main thread ( in this case - pale blue), contrasting threads ( for this pack these were navy blue and green). You will also need a needle, scissors and pins.

Using the heart template, supplied in the pack, cut four heart shapes from the printed fabrics - I have chosen to use three fabrics, cutting two hearts from one of them. Pin the hearts in a column down the centre of the felt bookmark arranging the prints in whichever order you prefer.

I have stitched each heart in place using a simple blanket stitch. Two of the hearts are stitched with the contrast threads and one is stitched in place with the main thread for the pack (pale blue in this case).

Having stitched all four hearts in place, the ribbon tail is attached. Fold the narrow ribbon in half and attach to the back of the felt panel, using small slip stitches behind the bottom heart, taking care to stitch just through the felt and not letting the stitches go right through the heart on the right side of the bookmark.

Using the felt bookmark as a pattern cut a matching panel from the interfacing provided in the pack - this will form the 'lining' to neaten the reverse of the bookmark. ( Please note: if you wish to make the coin purse - see next blog post; take care to cut the interfacing so as to allow sufficient space for the two purse panels to also be cut from the interfacing - as shown below)

With the right side facing, pin the felt bookmark to its interface backing. Using the main thread, blanket stitch round the edge of the bookmark, taking care to stitch through both felt and interfacing. Enjoy using your bookmark or perhaps send it as a gift.

The inspiration packs from Lynwoodcrafts are intended to provide colour themed fabrics, essentials and embellishments to use as you wish. I often get stitching inspiration from looking through drawers of fabric, baskets of ribbons, button tins ....... These packs are a way of sharing the benefits of my stash of materials with folk who might prefer tidier and more minimalistic houses than mine!! The packs are not kits, but I have decided to post instructions for three items - a coin or card purse, a greetings card and this bookmark - all of which can be made from each pack. Although the individual contents of each pack will vary, my shops will show detailed photos of the contents of each pack - you will receive exactly the contents you are shown for that pack. The materials from this pack which were used for the bookmark, card and purse are shown below.

The pack also contains enough materials to make the purse and greetings card shown:

Click these links for blog instructions for the purse and greetings card.

The pack also contained these additional fabrics, trimmings and embellishments. I wonder what you would make with them?

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