Sunday, 24 April 2016

Inspiration Packs from Lynwoodcrafts

 My stitching is continually inspired by my large collection of fabric, trimmings, buttons, threads and yarns. Collected over many years and some acquired from accumulated hoards of family members - magpie tendencies obviously run in the family. Collecting materials is addictive. I can't resist searching out local independent shops when visiting friends and family. I find increasing enjoyment in charity and antique/recycling stores. Then we have the occasional trip to car boot sales. I must also confess to to having an account for an on-line auction site. 

It is time to share my stash!! I don't want to reduce the variety of my selection, but I have too much to store sensibly and most items are in a greater quantity than I can use in my life time. Most of the items which I make are quite small and don't require large quantities of supplies. It seems sensible to offer for sale some of my collection. I have been working to improve the 'Inspiration Packs' which I listed a while ago and which have been popular. There will be colour-themed packs of printed cottons and similar fabric weights with coordinating trimmings and embellishments. There will also be packs of wool and similar, heavier suiting and coat weight fabrics with coordinated extras. Packs which I particularly like will contain vintage fabrics and trimmings - both printed fabrics and up-cycled linen and cotton household fabrics, including patches of vintage hand embroidery.

I have made three items from the about-to-be-listed packs as an illustration of what of is possible:

These were made from a pack containing the following selection:

The following items were left over. What would you make with them:

I have written blog posts showing how to make the bookmark, card and purse.

I am also planning 'Perfect for Purses' (and other small items) selections of new and vintage buttons, zips and trimmings.

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