Sunday, 4 April 2010

Got Them All!

We know that this year because we finally remembered to count them!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! We have got a lovely bright sunny day. The plum blossom is just appearing, and the cherry blossom is swelling. My husband and I have just been for our usual walk around the fields opposite our house. Plenty of speedwell and celandines, there was a lapwing sizing up various sites on a stubble field - I hope they plough it soon - or leave it until after the nesting season. There were many pairs in that field last year. The local lambs are now quite big. We saw lots of evidence of rabbits but the Easter bunny was hiding! I also saw the usual badger paths - but not much sign of activity. I think apart from these observations we must have been chatting too much. I'm sure there was plenty more to see.

'Did you have an Easter egg hunt with Brownies?'

'Yes - why?'

'They missed some - but the Cubs found them!'

My Brownies and my son's Cub pack (yes -he is a bit old for Cubs - he helps to run it -in theory!!) meet in the same Scout hut. Brownies on Tuesday and Cubs on Friday. Beavers are there on Thursday, they must have been too busy to look. I hope the Cubs were thorough in tidying up after us. We had a bit of a problem with ants last year!

As you can see the plants in our garden have been growing some strange berries! Seventy to be precise - we know because we counted them so hopefully this year we won't be finding the usual gooey, ant-covered, foil lumps later in the year. We hide them for the children, yes they still enjoy it at their age. What is worse, is that so do we. Having found them the children then hide them again for us. I'm not sure which is most fun the hiding or the seeking. As usual, it is the most obvious, 'how-could-you-possibly-miss-that' eggs that are the last to be spotted.

I hope you've all had a lovely day! Easter is a time of renewal in so many ways and the start of the part of the year which I most enjoy. In fact - in some ways it is now that I tend to celebrate my new year - it has far more meaning for me than cold, dark snowy January and my ways of celebrating don't always involve noisy parties!


I have been promising myself an opportunity to give more attention to some recycling projects which I have been planning for months. It seemed to chime well with the theme of Easter renewal, and fits well with our life style, so this is my first item formed by re-creation:


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  1. We enjoyed our Easter egg hunt too, even though we only had our 3 year old grandson and we adults!
    Your recycled pin cushion is charming and so very springlike :)