Saturday, 10 April 2010

Plum blossom

Our plum blossom has just started to burst out of its buds - lovely!

We have had a 'listening out for the phone' sort of day. 13 year old on her first unsupervised shopping/cinema trip with school friend, 16 year old somewhere on the Long Mynd doing D of E Silver expedition - hopefully. ( He didn't quite make it last time - perhaps subject of another post - so we're hoping they'll do it this week-end). Anyway, so far only tele-sales and one miss-directed fax machine on auto-dial!

Not able to go far we've popped to a very small local nursery which we love to visit. The husband and wife team raise tomatoes, herbs and ornamentals in poly tunnels behind their house and serve customers from their conservatory window. They are supposed to be retired but are busier than ever! The best sort of retirement I think! We raise quite a lot from seed ourselves but love to choose some of the main plants for pots and baskets from them. It allows us more variety - its a bit difficult to grow one 'white with pink frills trailing geranium'!

On the way to our greenhouse with our finds, I noticed this blossom. It would be prettier without the wall backdrop. Unfortunately, from a photographic point of view, this plum and its neighbour - a family dessert apple, are fan-trained against our 'almost-south-facing' garage wall. We need to use all our space since our garden is not too big! The apple blossom should be out soon, as you can see the buds are quite fat.

My grandmother used to refer to a plum blossom winter - a cold spell following the plum blossom. This scrap of traditional wisdom we could do without. Particularly since, if it is too cold, the fruit buds can be frost damaged and we do love those plums! We're having a pork casserole with some of last year's crop from the freezer tonight.


I've got to decide how to use these blossom photos in my craft work. I have some very fine white yarn but the flowers really are very delicate. Maybe embroidery or applique. I'll have some fun trying out different ideas. Meanwhile I needed a fourth mini-crazy-patchwork brooch so that I would have a set of four to post together on Flickr, so I finished this one this morning:


Its now Sunday evening. 16 year old is back from his expedition. He is really quite sunburnt - I do keep trying to explain how foolish this is. Anyway, it seems likely that they will have passed this time. The second of three loads is in the washing machine (our water will be off for emergency repairs tomorrow). Our next joint challenge is to get him through his second year of GCSEs.


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