Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fused fabric backgrounds......

..... for my floral embroideries.

My brooches are embroidered on appliqueed or hand-felted backgrounds.

Either is suitable for a brooch but  I wanted something more durable for other items. I have been knitting, and sometimes felting, background panels for knitted items. These are great for knitted purses, gadget cosies etc , but are too thick and 'clumsy' for the embroidered panels which I wanted to produce for some fabric items. I had not thought of a solution - until I was looking for some lace pieces. They were stored in a box decorated with a laminated design, made some years ago, produced from layered tissue paper. Eureka!

I had been collecting some sheer fabrics with the intention of experimenting with some fusing techniques. Now was my chance. I assembled everything and tried laying out the 'sandwich' which I hoped would give the effect that I wanted. Not bad - but the effect was 'dulled' by the top layer of protective organza. It also lacked any sense of texture. The answer - to reach for the box of fibres which I have been enjoying the effects of in my felt making. Sandwich a scattering of these between the layers of the fabric and I am coming close to what I want. The first attempt looked pleasing, but a few too many layers of the bonding 'film' made it a little stiff and difficult to stitch through. Particularly a problem for the passage of the ribbons which I love to use. Some further trials may be necessary!

The following sequence of photos records my efforts:

I quite liked the result and I shall probably use it as a background for a wild flower meadow. Boosted by this success. I tried again. This time aiming for a background suitable for a 'poppies in cornfield' design. This notepad cover was the result:


  1. It's lovely to see a work in progress, I had no idea there was so much work going into the background alone, fantastic result - love the poppies. Marice ;0)

  2. Your work is so inspiring