Thursday, 15 July 2010

Have we any more biscuits?

...... enquired a peeved voice out of my mobile.

We spent last week  end at Delamere Forest. My 16 year old, and, on Saturday, two of his mates, were cycling on the four cross track (large dirt jumps off the top of which they launch themselves and bikes into the air). I, usually, can't bear to watch, and our son was nursing an injury from the previous week. Fortunately, we returned both the others to their parents unscathed (apart from one slightly damaged bike), but it is always a worry. I worry if I don't hear from him and quake with nerves when the mobile does ring.

I didn't know whether to get cross that he was wasting a call, asking about biscuits, or be relieved that he was fit and well and able to do so.  'What have you done with the others?' I asked. Now this was a daft question since our son is perfectly capable of eating a packet on his own and he was being 'supervised' (I use the term very loosely) by his father. Once before when Dad supervised, I had stayed at home and the dreaded phone call was a plea to help rescue Dad, who had a broken nose and other facial injuries, sustained whilst 'supervising'.

I was assured that they had only eaten a couple. And the rest? Apparently scoffed by a large crow who, having watched them intently, waited 'til son was on his way down the track again, and Dad was poised with camera, and had then worked his way into abandoned rucksack and flown off with entire packet. (or so I'm told!). Why is it always my son who is picked on by local wildlife (see squirrel story of post 'Duck, duck....' 17th June ).

And my part in this week-end? Provider of meals, snacks, tent and bedding, dry clothes and the unwelcome (but absolutely insisted upon) towel and shower gel. I did get chance to sew a little and took some pics. Dad got some good ones of son. He can't be recognised through full helmet and I would like to show you both thistle studies and son. Unfortunately, husband is going through an inconvenient phase of requiring HIS camera during working hours. Hopefully I might be able to retrieve files from his laptop later.

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  1. So glad the only one injured this time was the packet of biscuits!!