Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Once-spinning plates .....

..... are crashing to the floor all around me. My 'work schedule' is in total disarray as I come to the end of a hectic family summer. My son is about to return to university, and, although we still have several open days and university visits to go to with his sister, it should now be easier to set aside a reasonable amount of time to stitch.

I must return to embroidery and felting - stocks are low. I am planning some other items in the same style as this bag - pin cushion, needle case, purse ....

My stocks of bookmarks are also very low, so more like these will be on my list:

I have  very few needle cases like this:

Presently, zipped purses are only available in my garden design:

There are only one or two moorland items like this still available:

All in all, I need to be more disciplined. Replacing this stock will form the focus of my work. A few items based on re-purposing linens and other textiles will be fitted in. I have enjoyed making my crocheted blanket and I love the result. I have worked out how many squares I should aim to make in a day to allow me to complete one blanket per month, taking into the account the time needed for the border and finishing. Talking of the border, I think this simple scallop works really well: