Monday, 28 June 2010

Busy Times!

I always expect that, now my children are older, the usual headlong rush to the end of the academic year will, in some way, be lessened. Incorrect - and I should now that by now.

My son has finished his GCSE's and most of his D of E silver award. However, last Friday was his school prom., he has been at World Jamboree preparation camp all week-end and in school today to set up the sound and light systems for this evening's music concert. He did manage to wear a dinner suit on Friday, and managed to work out how to use cuff-links. Quite an achievement for the 16 year old who lives in jeans or cycle shorts!

His sister had Scouts on Friday, came to a stop-over folk party with us, in the van, at the weekend, has a music lesson in a few minutes, and then plays in the concert after a head-long rush back to school ( eight miles away!). Tomorrow I have Brownies. Next week-end they are both camping with Scouts and then the week-end after my daughter leaves in the early hours for a week-long school trip to Normandy and Paris. Oh and she has a percussion exam tomorrow afternoon which means missing the sprints for sports day. I'm tired if they are not!

So, I'm afraid there is little time for blogging. Just a reminder that tomorrow's post will be another from my guest blogger Natalie of NOfkants Curios - Onyx this week!


  1. Oh no you mean to say as my children get older its going to get busier for me!!! I'm exhausted just reading what you and family have been up to.

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