Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Llandulas to Rhyl

Four features run more or less in parallel along this part of the North Wales coast:

 - the A55 trunk road, from the port of Holyhead to the motorway network in Cheshire ( with junctions for all resorts en route),
-  the coastal railway line, serving much the same purpose (passenger trains roughly every 30 mins and some freight),
- a long distance footpath and cycle track,
- the shoreline.

Each has an impact on the others in terms of noise, access and visually. In many ways, not a very pretty part of the coast and yet we spent a lovely afternoon and evening there yesterday. I have quite a few photos which I intend to share with you over the next few days. Just to set the scene I thought I would show you a general shot in each direction:

towards Rhyl along cycle track

towards Rhyl from the beach

towards Llandulas

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