Monday, 14 June 2010

I've just spent two hours.....

...... mopping the scout hut floor and tidying up for our AGM tonight ( just found two blisters on my right hand - not too impressed - I need my hands in good condition). I had a wonderful day on Saturday, exploring our local Scout Camp site with my Brownies. Two of the little ones told me they had never been away from their mums for so log before - I felt quite honoured.

We went under/over/through on a quite large (for them ) assault course, did a Big Art Attack, treasure hunt, fabric painted designs on pockets which I will stitch onto beach bags for them (obviously my Brownies DO CRAFT!!!),  made their own supper (salad dressings - we had practised indoors, prepared salad, fruit salad, melted chocolate), my son cooked sausages and burgers for them.

They then had dampers and toasted marshmallows at the campfire. Unfortunately, I missed some of that 'cos I was trying to clear our site. I did hear my son trying to lead some standard Scouts camp fire songs - he doesn't know any Brownie ones. The Brownies looked quite puzzled (few of them have brothers in Scouts) and were so tired by then that they were all propped against each other like dominoes.

Wonderful! I have some great photos for Mum's. Obviously I can't show you. Yesterday, I was so tired I could hardly move so my blog and Folksy have been a bit neglected.

Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is Tuesday and I have the second in the series of posts from Natalie - my guest blogger. Please pop back if you can!


  1. That sounds like good fun! Do you take your Brownies on many camps or pack holidays?

    Btw - did you ever get the card we sent?

  2. We did a pack holiday last year and meant to do a sleepover this year and then holiday next, but for a few reasons that has slipped a year and we've only done day activities this year.

    Yes we did get the card thank you - or at least we prob. did. I didn't open it - I gave it to Snowy for the girls to open. We meant to do it before half term and it slipped cos we were out. We don't meet in holidays, last week we prepared for Saturday. We thought we'd do it at the campsite but Snowy must have forgotten. Tomorrow night hopefully ( with two others).

  3. Sounds like you have a set of very tired brownies! Bless, I bet they will remember it forever!

    Natalie x