Friday, 18 February 2011


My second post for today. Please do look at the lovely items in my Folksy Friday blog posted earlier.

I have been promising to finish my Work in Progress blog. Sam had commented that the addition of the layer of organza to the painted fabric caused some of the effect to be lost. I thought I would re-work the next set of photos, showing embroidered inchies with and without organza.

With organza:

and without:

Whilst I do like the effect of the organza, I think Sam might be right!

I have just painted another piece:

Wanting to produce something a little different (and without organza) I stitched Daisy:

I'd like to find other shapes/possibilities for this fabric and have begun to plan an amulet purse.

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  1. Beautiful painted fabric - I think Sam may have a point - some of the paint effect is slightly lost with the organza too, BUT both are still beautiful. Little mousie is cute. Well done for branching out - I really must try something new xx