Thursday, 10 February 2011

Work in Progress 2

The finished painting looked like this

I have marked it into an inch square grid. Next I machine stitch each side of the grid marks to try to reduce fraying:

Then add a layer of organza and machine in place down each side of the grid:

If the design looks a little too 'watered down' after the painting stage I have found that I can pick out some details in ordinary colouring pencils - bearing in mind that my inchies are destined for items that will not be washed. I have tried adding extra detail with the crayons and no water. However, I find that attempts to heat set this just seems to 'melt' off the top layer and this was still happening after three attempts with the iron. I should add that, as pointed out by Sam yesterday, the work should be wrapped in baking parchment to protect the iron!


To set off at a slight tangent - I wondered what effect I could achieve by painting a small design in more detail prior to embroidery. I outlined these poppies in Derwent Colouring pencils and filled them in with the same. I then used the Caran D'ache crayons to 'paint' the background - hoping for not too much bleeding of colour. Either the pencilled areas acted as an efficient resist, or the colour of the pencilled areas was so intense that leaching background colour doesn't show - but whichever, I was pleased with the result:


  1. The top photo, with the drawn grid, looks beautiful. I was quite sad when the organza took away some of the luminence, so I'm interested to see what happens next.

    Love the poppies!

  2. HI Sam
    I know what you mean - I wondered if I had done the right thing. The organza gives a lovely 'slightly sparkly' sheen to the finished piece which I think works since these inchies are destined for jewellery. I hope the hand embroidery serves to return some of the intensity - both in picking out the design in bold colours and by holding the organza close to the painting all over the fabric - allowing the design to be seen more clearly - see what you think (prob Sat - Folksy Friday tomorrow!)

  3. It all looks good to me, I love the poppies too.

    Found you through FB, following you

  4. Hi Violet - Great to meet you here!