Saturday, 5 February 2011

Three of a Kind!

For some reason, I tend to think of certain flowers as being suitable for particular types of embroidery. Some work particularly well in silk ribbons, daisies, for example, are effective in wool or cotton threads.

I tend to have three main types of embroidered brooch:
- Stitched in tapestry wool on a knitted background - a bold , chunky effect.
- Embroidered in threads and ribbons on a hand felted background - a dainty effect producing detail in miniature.
- Embroidered in threads and ribbons against a miniature landscape - usually created by applique.

I thought I would challenge myself to pick one flower and represent it in each of the three ways. Three very different brooches, each representing the spring-time beauty of primroses:

Which do you like best? I enjoyed stitching all of them!


  1. I can't decide between the top or the bottom one. I love the detail in the first, but I would probably be more likely to wear the last one!

  2. My fave is the landscape, but all are quite exquisite.

  3. My favourite is the 1st brooch. Such delicate detail. Very pretty indeed (-;