Thursday, 13 October 2011

Does my bum look big in this?

....I didn't need to ask!

Just to fill you in on the background to my problem. I liked the idea of wearing leggings. I am of average height, size 12-14 (depending on store), have reasonable legs (although calves rather thick) and I am no longer 16 years old!!

I like practical clothes - comfortable and suitable for wearing flat heals. I have recently treated myself to a lovely pair of black ankle boots - which I steadfastly insist on lacing closed, believing that this is the intended purpose of laces, and ignoring my 14 year olds instructions to leave the boots gaping and tuck the laces under my feet. (She'll have a nasty injury one day!). I have black good quality leggings - 'slim' my legs very well. Now what to wear with them?

Those of you who have read a few of my other blog posts will realise that I hate waste and try as hard as possible to recycle. I'm not quite a member of the 'knit your own sandals brigade' - although some of you may beg to differ! I don't 'do fashion' in the sense of 'wear today - landfill tomorrow'. However, I do want to feel happy and comfortable with my appearance. I also dress myself on a very limited budget.

I have one or two knitted dresses and love wearing them - however they are a pain to wash! I prefer separates - more 'outfits' for my money, can adjust numbers of layers (we're still picking strawberries in October!) and I might be able to use some of my existing sweaters. I have recently scoured sales racks for skirts that 'might do' i.e right colours, a little above knee length.....not wanting to spend  too much on an 'experiment'.

My first choice - and the wrong one!!!!! A tiered ra-ra type skirt in black. Right length, good fabric, some lovely stitched detail, comfortable and TIERS IN WRONG PLACE AND FAR TOO FULL, but ready to wear, and I was in a rush. Yes - my bum did look............... (and it was more suitable for a 16 year old). Dashed back from farm shop feeling very foolish. Liked the feel of the leggings now what?

Purchase 2 was a maxi skirt in a bright print on black, cotton mix jersey. Goodness only knows what height heal I would have needed to totter round on to keep it off the floor ( I bought it for the fabric- never intending to wear it as it was!) My solution - chop off bottom portion just above the knee. Re- hem top part - comfortable - quite flattering - bum back to 'not quite small' but much better! Rummage through sweater draw. Thankful to find I hadn't disposed of sleeveless black sweater from last day job (its always a mistake to throw stuff out!). Chopped bottom of sweater below bust (god job sewing machine does stretch stitches), gathered 'lower portion of once long skirt' and stitched the two together. My take on a sweater dress! Worn over a black top with leggings, it's comfortable completely hides my bum, and looks like? Well - me really. I really like it. So does my husband. Daughter just rolled her eyes - but then I had tied my laces! ( and the best bit is that skirt and dress together cost me £10!)


  1. Hehe, that has made me laugh. I often get the rolled eyes from my 14 year old daughter too. Glad you were able to make something you were happy with in the end. Elaine x

  2. that is the role of daughters though...ive done it to my mum too *blush*

    mind you, thats nothing compared the eye rollings shes given me in the past! lol

    i love leggings- perfect for fairs when you need to be mobile but decent and when tights inevitably get caught on table corners! :oO


  3. Sounds like you got a good result in the end. Wow, you can come and take my wardrobe to pieces if you want.

    Having recently returned to my regular size after pregnancy all my trousers are too large and baggy, any suggestions I too would hate to throw them out.