Thursday, 20 October 2011

I need to improve my marketing skills

Embroidered brooches, and other embroidered accessories, are available from

I have chosen to feature a representative sample of the items which I produce. Unfortunately, I find that I am letting the store down by poor promotion. I know how to 'announce new additions' to other stores at on-line market places. The forums are great. Wonderful sellers support each other and items are viewed and commented upon. Craft Juice postings tend to attract votes from fellow sellers on the same selling site and Facebook and Google + seem to play their part in attracting visits.

When I list new items to my website, I make the usual announcement on Facebook and Google+ and submit to Craft Juice and yet I do not seem able to generate the viewings which I would like to achieve. I do not intend to 'go it alone' entirely and would prefer to keep my website alongside other trading platforms. I would not dream of spamming forums etc at my other selling sites with links to my website and I carefully observe Flickr's rules about non-commercial use only.

Any suggestions which you might have regarding ethical promotion routes for my website would be very greatly appreciated. I am not, generally, an 'in-your-face' sort of a person, and I detest Spam.

These are the latest items to be listed:

Thank you for your help!



  1. I would be interested to know more about promoting too.. Love those brooches, especially the middle one.


  2. Marketing is crucial to any business, regardless of its size. Well, you can try availing packages from online marketing firms. Since most people use the web, there are a lot of potential clients you can gain from online exposure. This way, a lot more people can avail of your beautiful brooches.

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