Friday, 28 October 2011

Two right legs!

Today has not gone according to plan. I had two part-finished brooches - I stopped sewing when, the monotony of Question Time having sent me to sleep- whilst stitching 'on auto', I stabbed my thumb - very purposefully. I got up quite early - finish brooches, list, find driving instructor for son, go for a walk...... All sounded quite pleasant. Tried to check my blog etc to find that my account was disabled, due it now appears to 'disallowed' info in my profile. I have now fixed it - thankfully. The route was - send request to Google for clarification - their message terminating my account did not explain why. They then reinstated my account and 'replaced' this blog - otherwise removed. Only then, when checking my profile - on the advice of a forum contributor, did I find the detailed message explaining the problem and the remedy. The message I could only access through the Google account from which I was suspended!! That old song about 'the gas man cometh' comes to mind. Anyway I'm here now- sssshhh! - (touches wood!)

Whilst trying to find forum help for my on-line woes, using computer in room next to the kitchen - there was a slight rumble and muted 'crash' of a glass-sounding variety. I peered in and blamed precarious stack in the sink - too many on-line worries to get to tidy up! A little while later there was another ominous rumble - a bit like an after-shock - I ignored that one I'd had enough for one day. Daughter offered me a coffee - opened the cupboard to find jar - heap on cupboard floor due to collapsed shelf - just laughed - you do in the end!

Persuaded son to leave computer games and go for a healthy walk in the sun. Pretty wet round here so put gaiters on. His chosen route took us through a wetland area - path runs on board walks. The estate is largely disused now and the paths are not maintained. The nettle stalks were almost like tree trunks. At least  I was only nettled (all be it thoroughly) from the knees upward - due to gaiters.

They are not without blemish though. Our supermarket does a good range of budget out-door stuff - most of which is very serviceable. I had used a pair of gaiters on many occasions and the zip eventually broke. I decided it was my fault for attempting to fasten them over an unreasonable amount of dried mud. Went to replace them - got to checkout - no bar code. Summoned assistant went to check. Swapped them for another pair, with barcode - I was surprised - had only seen one pair on shelf. Got home - waterproof trousers in bag instead of gaiters. Took them back! Checked content of new bag - yep - gaiters!

Couple of weeks later, whilst camping - needed gaiters. Couldn't quite work out what was wrong with 'left one' - see blog title.......


  1. LOL, sounds like one of my typical days. Thanks for your help earlier, much appreciated.

    Lynda x

  2. Oh dear! You just have to laugh sometimes don't you?! Glad your blog's up and running again. Vic x