Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Just as well I didn't list them on ebay!

... Papercraft tools have been re-purposed to help with the production of LynwoodChums embroidered keyrings.

Our storage crisis and 'do I really need to keep.......?' debate continues. We have just bought some sturdy metal (hopefully mouse-proof) storage cupboards for the garage. My husband spent a tiring Saturday moving the two freezers and three 'ex-wardrobes' already in place. Together with the strong racking system- paint, varnishes, wood preservatives etc, and the slightly less strong (well OK - pretty rickety really) shelves for plastic plant pots, they were all re-positioned according to a cunning plan mapped out on graph paper. The new cupboards are intended to store out tents and similar camping equipment. Each of our children has two tents( one expedition and one general purpose), then we have one cheap two man - previously athletics spectators' den/changing room - now outdoor furniture store when taking camper van 'off-site'. We also have our large family tents, the original slightly battered 8 man and the newer huge central space, 4 large bedrooms and porch, newer 8 man. Then there are the 3 man and 4 man for short weekends where we couldn't face the effort required for an 8 man........

My craft room follows the same pattern. I still have tools and supplies left over from the papercrafts which I specialised in when the children were young. Too good to throw away, I had thought of putting them up for sale.

I suddenly realised that the circle-cutter I have will cut the plastic circles with which I reinforce my keyring fob and some brooches. I had been using the templates from my shape-cutter-system for both ovals and circles, but as stencils and I had then been cutting the shapes with scissors or knives. Silly me. The supplied cutting tool, used with the templates, also cuts the plastic. Yet again, I confirm my belief that disposing of 'stuff' is a mistake. Our storage crisis continues!

This Embroidered Christmas Keyring is the latest item to benefit from the use of the circle cutter:


  1. Hee hee! I too have a permanent storage crisis. Best not to think about it :-)
    Slightly chin-on-floor over the quantity of tents, lol. We're still gathering courage to get (our first?) one and all the kit - maybe next year!

  2. Now's the time to look - lots of end-of-season sales. I know there's an expensive time ahead, but I've just replaced my son's general purpose (pup tent when we're in the campervan)tent at 30% off. Both our big tents were bought at this time of year - the first one was 50% off. All our family holidays for about 5 years were in tents and we've had some great times - very cheaply!