Thursday, 3 November 2011

"Don't they make pink ones?"

A lovely day out - Rhug Farm Shop, Betwys-y-Coed, Trefiw and Conwy.

Neither of our children has a regular commitment after school on Wednesdays. That means we are not required to produce a meal by any particular time or to provide a taxi service. Able to take a day off, my husband suggested a mid-week excursion pottering along the North Wales coast - the sort of gentle day out which we enjoy occasionally - and our kids hate!

Passing the Rhug Farm Estate, not encumbered by the kids, we stopped to stock up the campervan fridge. Organic beef, pork and lamb shoulder - they usually have burgers from their bison herd!

We stopped for a cup of tea on a lay-by with this view:

On to Betws -y -Coed, where I spoilt myself by the purchase of a new waterproof - my so-called waterproofs - really only shower proof had always been a disappointment. I had bought my son a more suitable (and expensive) version for his recent Scouting trip to Sweden, and he persuaded me I should have one. We also bought a Trangia meths bottle for his sister - hoping not to have any future arguments caused by her borrowing his.

On to Trefiw Woollen Mills - producing lengths of cloth featuring traditional Welsh tapestry patterns. I bought a hank of recycled sari silk yarn from the mill shop. The craft workshop in the grounds was closed for lunch. We retired to the van for a picnic lunch. My husband offered to brew a pot of tea whilst I 'popped back' to the workshops. Fifty minutes later, my tea was cold, he was more than a little fed-up, but I had enjoyed a chat and purchased some silk rods; mixed packs of hand-dyed silk and mohair fibres, a bag of carded sari silk and two small twists of hand-dyed silk and wool yarn.

We arrived at Conwy much later than expected - with me feeling more than a little guilty, and parked in the shadow of the castle. There was still time to have a stroll around the shops and the harbour. 

We phoned the kids to check that they were home and safe. I mentioned to my son that I now had a waterproof like his. 'What exactly like mine?' Well - yes. That brand really only does that version - in black - at that price level. I didn't want to pay more! 'Well now I'm going to keep grabbing yours off the rack by mistake!' A fair point - and the reason why I was warning him - his shoulders won't fit into mine!  I did begin to wonder how well he knows me, on several counts, at his next question - 'Don't they do a pink one?' Me?? Pink???

The lovely fibres I purchased, blended with some from my stash have given rise to this embroidered brooch and embroidered barrette:


  1. LOL @ the pink outrage!! I can totally sympathise. Its not that I don't like such...but I don't really wear it. Certainly not the girly or bubblegum varieties! Now purple I can get on board with... :-D

  2. I love the colour pink but very rarely wear it lol lol Sounds like you had a brilliant day out ....even better when you don't plan too much and just go!! Loving the new items made ..looks like they have firework catherine wheels on them...

  3. Lovely to here from you Trish - thanks for the kind words - yes this motif was originally inspired by Catherine wheels - its something I've re-visited in different materials, on and off for a while!