Friday, 18 November 2011

Folksy, Friday and Fish - in search of the familiar!

Have given up on Folksy for today.

As regards fish, always a Friday tradition in my childhood, we enjoyed a lovely fish meal last night - son is away for the week-end and we wanted to share it with him!

Excuse the poor layout of this recipe - and total absence of quantities - use what seems right!

1  Cut a large sheet of baking parchment per portion. Fold in half - now needs to be large enough to wrap fillet of fish and roll/fold to completely seal.

2 Place fillet of fish (frozen or fresh) on paper.

3 Add 'thin sticks of carrot' -can't do chef-speak - do they call them julienne?

4 Also add any of the following or similar ( veg suitable for oriental recipes) baby corn (sliced) , mushrooms (sliced), onions, leeks, grapes (in half), cherry tomatoes, celery, sugarsnap peas....... to each fillet .

5 Add squeeze of honey, splash of soy sauce (wheat and gluten free in my case), splash of apple juice, squeeze of lemon, small pinch 5 spice powder.

6 Fold each fish parcel to seal. Place on baking tray in oven (about 180) for about 15-20 mins depending on thickness of fish.

7 Cook rice, cous sous - or in our case quinoa (yum), pour contents of fish parcel onto individual serving of  quinoa - enjoy!

A quick and easy recipe - all we could manage after a stressful parents' evening.

Any other suggestions for wheat free, yummy fishy dishes very welcome!

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  1. Sounds delicious. Apparently thin slivers of carrot are Julienne. I only know because my younger daughter remarked that she was impressed with my julienne carrots once. I just thinly sliced them, but now they have a name.