Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Day for Gathering Strength...

........ finishing some items - taking inspiration from recent photographs and making plans.

Sometimes a day where we do not set ourselves too many targets is just what we need. Recognizing the need to take stock and allow ourselves relaxation just for the sake of it is important.

Yesterday was very busy - making, listing trying to re-focus my plans in the light of the changes to Folksy - followed by getting daughter to and from music lesson in order to get us all back to school (8 miles away) to support her saxophone performances and her brothers 'techy' efforts on the sound and light desk. We are all getting too tired and we are only just at the start of the 'pulled-in-every-direction-at-once' season where schools, scouts, guides and our own families all expect attendance/chauffering/contributions in kind.....

My daughter missed the bus this morning - I was cross - a 16 mile round trip for me - why couldn't she run like her brother? Its not as if she had the sax or her art portfolio today! Probably because, like me she's tired. Time to forgive ourselves for being feeble and have a 'quiet' night in. Music is my daughter's passion and I can hear the guitar - quiet might not be the right word!

Comfort food - cooked with minimal effort - cottage pie perhaps and some of our pears with chocolate sauce - that should set us all up for a more productive day tomorrow!

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  1. I know how you feel, we just ran out of steam, time and everything else this eve and had to get chip shop chips to keep us sane!