Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cooking Brownies!

-ie Brownies engaged in cooking - NOT practice for which my warrant would be removed!

Mushroom Soup

You will Need:

24 Brownies (7 to 10 year olds )
3 Owls ('harassed' - Brown, Snowy and Sooty)

450 g mushrooms
2 leeks
500 ish ml stock
salt and pepper

Supervise hand-washing, hair fastening.....
Double check allergies on registration forms!

- Wash and slice mushrooms and leeks (Brownies under supervision! - in two groups- one owl/group -one spare for emergencies!)
- Heat a small amount of oil in pans - cook leeks and mushrooms until soft - Brownies take turns to stir.
- Dissolve stock cube - add to pans (Brownies)
- Wash and chop parsley (Brownies)
- Simmer for about 20 mins (remove to hob in kitchen - Brownies tidy up)
- Brownies prepare bread rolls and set tables.
- 'Blitz soup' with hand held blender (OWLS - NOT Brownies - we're not that brave!)
- Try soup. Offer serving to 'tasters' (parents arriving for promise ceremony)
- Wash up - enrol new Brownie.

Apologise to waiting parents (standing in dark car park) for over-running finish time - Oops!


One of our better evenings. Soup was great. Veg-wary Brownies tried and liked it - most of them. Parents liked it and were surprised/pleased we had made it with mushrooms - as opposed to tin or powder presumably!

Everyone survived - although I needed hot tea on tap to recover.


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  1. Sounds like fun, will have to write that recipe down for my hubby & daughter who both love mushrooms :-)

  2. The soup sounds good, but I was expecting a chocolate brownie recipe!