Thursday, 11 November 2010

Pink mice

My daughter arrived at Guides embarrassingly late last night and I did wonder if perhaps she should have given it a miss this week - Wednesdays are always a bit of a rush! She came back grinning like a three year old with this plate of mice:

Made from condensed milk and coconut they were very sweet. I did wonder if my daughter would eat them - cute things, chocolate tree decorations etc, seem to be too cute to eat and are left to go mouldy! Keeping photos of these seemed to do the trick. I'll have to get the recipe for my Brownie pack - parhaps we could do snowmen - minus the food colouring obviously!

I really felt driven to test my latest craft idea out last night and stitched until very late. I hope you like the result:


  1. I love that! Topshop are selling knitted bangles at £12.50 a pop which are just simple cable knits not so gorgeous as your bangle. A couple of those layered up the arm would look very fashionable, methinks. Please tell me you will make some to go on Folksy ;-)

  2. Those mice are really cute. Love the bangle must have taken a lot of work. Linda

  3. Hi - thank you both. I didn't know I had strayed into the area of the fashionable - just an experiment in using my wool embroidery in a different way. There is now one of these on Folksy!