Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Criccieth Castle

Earlier in the year, we had a long day out on the Lleyn Peninsular, beach combing for sea glass and a beautiful walk. We had food with us to cook for tea, but we were uncertain about the time at which the car park would be locked and we didn't want to be evicted mid- stir fry! We weren't sure where else we might find a suitable parking spot, with good views. Fortunately Criccieth came to our rescue. Lovely views of the 'back' of Black Rock one way and Criccieth Castle at the other end of the bay - floodlit as it turned out.


I'm hoping to have my felting session today. I need one piece for a piece of work I should do. I do need to get to the Post Office and its snowing. Then Brownies - but the water in the Scout Hut is frozen - so far not the drains at least - so I need to load the car with lots of big bottles of water. If I manage to felt I'll post some pics - happy snow balling!!


I have just finished this item - (still uncertain whether or not the felting will happen today):

This brooch was sold last night:


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