Monday, 29 November 2010

Caernarfon Castle

Its now some weeks since we visited Caernarfon. My photos file is a little out of sequence. I thought I would show you these all be it a little late:

I am sure that I should have some other images but they were down loaded into OH's laptop and these are the only two he has emailed to me. We had not looked back at the castle and the town from the other side of the harbour before. It is easier to get a senses of the defensive importance of the castle and the walled area of the town which it protected. A long tall building to the left of the whitewashed pub, is roughly where more modern court buildings are and I assume this has once been the gaol. Very similar design to Ruthin Gaol where I was once involved in a craft cooperative. I hasten to add that Ruthin Gaol is a tourist attraction and houses some of the county archives.


I have just listed these two items:



  1. Caernarfon looks stunning, I wondered what it looks like covered in snow :)

    Beautiful pieces, love love love the bangle such a brilliant idea

    ((( hugs )))

    hope its not so freezing where you are today ?

    Helen x

  2. Hi Helen - it os freezing, school heating has broken, kids are at home....
    Glad you like the bangle, had to make an adjustment after the 'prototype' - the knitting would rotate around the bangle as it was pushed on - hiding the embroidery to the inside. Fixed it by binding the bangle with strips of 'rubber' to give grip to the decoration!