Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Coniston Conkers

I was only part way through showing you my images of the Lake District, taken at half term, when I was overtaken by Lynwoodcrafts' Folksy anniversary. So to resume normal service...

It took us a while to agree which direction to head off in. We were still feeling a bit wet and soggy from the previous day's soaking. Finally we decided to head towards Coniston and then decide. The light was starting to fail when we reached the car park. Bounded by horse chestnuts we were amazed how many could still be found - they were long gone at home. I have always loved the thrill of prizing open the prickles to find such a shining fruit. Even my son spent a while searching with me - although in his case he was also keeping a look out for skimming stones.

Although the best of the light had gone the lake was still attractive

 all be it icy cold. The following have been added to my inspirations file:

I must remember to use the image of those yew berries over the next few weeks!


I have listed this new brooch today:

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  1. I love the lake district, those are nice pics despite the slightly fading light.

    Great brooch too!