Friday, 26 November 2010

New Colours

I have had a great day today. I met two fellow Folksters in Oswestry this morning. I enjoyed chatting and we have arranged to meet again in March. Visited one or two local shops - including Honeysuckle for organic, gluten free, Christmas treats!

I was happy to get home in time for the 'parcel postman' to bring me a fabulous parcel from My Heart Exposed yarns. Lovely packets of fibres in wonderful natural colours. In an attempt to 'understand' the limitless possibilities I constructed a palette. It was done very inexpertly - if I did it again the colours would be in a different sequence. I picked most of the 'solid' colours but the wonderful blending of dyes in Helen's processes has given me blends in many, many combinations of these. Wonderful - Thank you Helen!


  1. Glad you had a great day, I considered going to that meet up in Oswestry, didn't know you were going. It's a little bit far but I think I could do it, and a bit daunting when you don't know anyone. Ended up chickening out, but maybe I might to go in March:)

  2. Brilliant, you got the parcel, that was quick!
    Thanks for the mention Sue, much appreciated.

    Its freezing here .......... only one thing for it, more dyeing and lots of knitting :D

    ((( hugs )))

    Helen xx

  3. Wet felting - with the emphasis on the scalding hot and less so on the icy part of the cycle - might end up with odd felt though! My hands are too cold for knitting!