Monday, 1 November 2010


Camping at Kendal, a few hundred metres from a large in-door climbing centre, with a 13 year old who had excitedly packed her harness and climbing boots into the van, meant that our first activity, on a brilliantly clear and beautiful frosty morning, was the completion of tedious registration forms and an in-door climbing session. Son and I explored Kendal (looking for bike shops - they always know the best places to ride), OH held on to the end of daughter's rope. Actually belaying is hard work!

We had a quick lunch and headed for Windermere - not our preferred area of the Lakes, but not many daylight hours left. Managed to park - always a challenge and very expensive in that area! - and headed up to a view point to the east of the lake. More an up-hill stroll than a serious walk - but some pretty views:

Then a short stroll back down to the lake side. Found a little bridge for 'Pooh sticks':

Then a bit further for 'stone skimming':

Lovely sunset:

and then back to Kendal.

I took a craft basket with me on holiday. My compact camera - in case husband laid claim to his better one. Some knitting and two notebooks - more about those in a later post. Whilst there, I bought a 'Quilting Arts' magazine - can't get it here sadly, and two craft -related books. Didn't find time for knitting, but spent a little while jotting in one of the notebooks. Not sure whether it was the many breeds of sheep we encountered, a wonderful wool shop I plunged into, or just the realisation that my vast stash of yarn needn't be used for knitting and crochet alone, but I have embarked on two related, but different, new lines of embroidery.

The first is based on 'shaped motifs' stitched in wool on a woolen fabric background, and then lightly felted. Directions sometimes depart from initial thoughts, but, at present, these are likely to be in vibrant, multi coloured yarns. This turtle is the first example:

The second is based on embroidery using wool on a hand-made woolen background. This first is on a knitted background, felted and basted to a wool fabric. Other backgrounds with which I am experimenting include: couched, fused and then felted and woven - possibly then lightly felted. This is the first item of this type which I have listed:

I hope you like them - many more to come!


  1. Had a lovely holiday in Kendal many years ago - beautiful photo's. I love your ideas and your new designs. Have spent alot of time on campsites wondering how to use wool to make pics of the sky

  2. Beautiful sunset photos. I haven't made it to the Lake District yet. I like walking, but not sure about the uphill part ;-)
    I love your new designs, especially the daisies on the knitted background.

    Sam x

  3. What fantastic photographs. I too have never got to the Lake District (to my shame) but hope to very soon.
    Your new ideas are great, I love the daisy one, very pretty.
    Thank you for welcoming me to Folksy, not sure how I will get on. I think the whole 'getting yourself out there' bit is the hardest part. I am hoping that some of the customers I had when supplying my daughter last year will find me again as I managed to sell over 100 pairs of slippers up to Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed and loving looking at all the talented people already on Folksy.

  4. The Lake District is so beautiful, your sunset pics are lovely. Your new Daisy design is delightful, you're very clever. x