Sunday, 15 August 2010

Another busy weekend...

.... largely spent cleaning, tidying and gardening. Unfortunately our house has not benefited from any of this. The Scout group which both my two attend is having its annual 'hug the hut' week-end - general maintenance, cleaning and tidying ready for the new year of activities. We spent a few hours there yesterday - not sure that I achieved much but 16 year old and his father were a bit more use. Today OH has cleaned and polished the van and it now looks as good as new. Sadly, he's now had to go into work and our garden is still looking very neglected.

I have now stitched the main applique pieces onto my version of Amy's lighthouse:

The remaining steps are embroidery and finishing. I have enjoyed the process and it has inspired me to have one last think about summer images before turning my thoughts to the rich colours of autumn. These two brooches have been the result:


  1. Looks great Lyn, Can't wait to Amy's too what a fab idea.

    Max :o) x

  2. Wonderful! I love the brooch with the little house.