Thursday, 5 August 2010

Whitesands Bay

Unfortunately, all my photos of this bay seem to be centred round my 13 year old having her first surfing lesson. She had great fun, and, with Lifeguards on hand and her surfing instructor, we just relaxed and let her get on with it. The main hazard seemed to be the sea kayaks, which shared the same part of the beach under the 'flag system'. These were large, heavy and sometimes a little out of control in the surf!

Fortunately, I had purchased a post card, which was never sent, and this formed the inspiration for my next brooch:

PS Just in case anyone should think that I was too lazy to choose a different colour for the roof of this little cottage - it was actually white. It seems to be the tradition in this part of Wales, as in some parts of Yorkshire - I think, that a roof, constructed from stone (rather than slate) is then rendered. In some cases, as in this one, the render is then whitewashed entirely -  roof and walls!

PPS Just added another section to my gallery ( see link bar above) - if you have chance for a quick visit